Looking after your well-being as well as your fitness, Sensoria's new clothing range protects you while you work out alone.

There are a plethora of fitness tracking apps and gadgets currently on the market, but for the most part they tend to be focussed simply on helping you reach your fitness goals. Sensoria’s new range of smart clothing gives you all that, while also monitoring your heart, and watching out for potentially dangerous rhythms.

Previously known for their fitness wearables such as their smart socks, the company has developed a range of clothing alongside a top cardiologist, to develop the Heart Sentinel algorithm.

The range is designed for hard-training athletes, long distance runners and cyclists, who go out alone and push the limits of their capabilities. Sensoria’s smart t-shirts and sports bras help you control your workout, keeping your heart rate at an optimal level, while monitoring for irregularities in your heart rate. In addition, if you find yourself in medical trouble when you’re working out alone, Sensoria’s Heart Sentinel algorithm will send an alert to your emergency contacts, and get you the help you need.

With a heartening lack of straps, the system is designed to avoid interfering with your workout – whatever method you choose. The heart rate monitor constantly tracks your heart rate and can recognise a wide range of irregularities the moment they appear.


Connecting via Bluetooth to your phone or device, and helping you train with Sensoria’s AI personal trainer, the range will help you train, while keeping you safe. Sensoria have reached their goal on Kickstarter, but their campaign remains open, so you can pre-order one of their potentially life-saving garments by pledging.