Feel your way to your destination with waist-based vibrations thanks to the genius Sensovo belt.

The act of travelling from A to B has produced some of the most groundbreaking, indispensable tech in history (we’re looking fondly at you, Mr. Wheel and Mrs. Aeroplane), and there’s a strong possibility that the Sensovo belt could be next to join the hall of fame and general technological brilliance.

The Sensovo belt is a wearable haptic device that helps you navigate using vibrating directional feedback. With this fella holding up your trousers, you don’t need maps, a compass or a guide. Just tell the app on your phone where you’re going – either with specific coordinates, or by important information from Google Maps – and let the vibrations of the belt lead you towards your destination.

It’s not hard imagine the perks of a hands-free gadget like Sensovo for outdoor sports like cycling, trekking, diving, and horse-riding, but Sensovo is also keen to highlight how the belt could be useful for people who struggle to navigate even just around their own homes. For visually impaired people and Alzheimer’s sufferers with reduced spatial orientation, the Sensovo belt could be a more intuitive, tactile approach to getting about independently.

Spec-wise, the current prototype is a slim, fabric band with a metal clip fastener, which isn’t too dissimilar to the kind of belt you’d throw on with a pair of walking trousers. There’s a Bluetooth chip tucked inside to allow for comms between the belt and the app on your phone, and there’s also an onboard rechargeable battery that gives the belt a couple of days between charges.

Sadly for now, Sensovo’s haptic feedback belt remains in the prototype stages, with no fixed date in sight for a potential release as a real product. The small team of entrepreneurs behind it are busy trying to make that possible, though, and there’s already a select number of users testing the Android app. Read more about the Sensovo belt here.