This smart 3DR Solo drone lets you stream live aerial-view HD footage from your GoPro to your smartphone.

Both first-time fliers and seasoned pros can easily fly the 3RD Solo and have full control of their GoPro either from the mobile app, or using the buttons on the gaming-inspired controller with colour screen and live flight data.

Above is a brief video from 3DR explaining what to do with a drone, an airbase and an astronaught. Or maybe it’s a product demo, we’re not sure.

You can pan, tilt and capture stills without affecting Solo’s flight path, and select Cable mode to lock Solo on a virtual path between points on the sky, leaving you to focus on your camerawork.

Within the app, you have easy access to different flight modes, and can even use the built-in flight trainer to brush up on your piloting skills.

Solo has a maximum altitude of 400 feet and a WiFi range of up to half a mile, so whether you’re surfing with friends, exploring daring new heights, or out walking in your favourite beauty spots, you can capture those breath-taking cinematic shots from up high that you’ve always wanted.

In the words of its makers, Solo allows you to be within the shot too – making you the subject of your own life’s story.

With up to 2 minutes of flight time and a top speed of 55mph, you can always be ahead of the action.

Solo, made by 3D Robots, is available from Amazon and for £979.95. The separate Solo Gimbal which will give you full control of your GoPro whilst in flight is £379.