A covert keyboard for protecting your social media accounts, passwords and data, and shielding your online footprint.

Concerned that every move you make online is just one more step towards having your identity stolen, your secret browsing history rumbled and your social media accounts hacked? Then you’re probably a bit too paranoid. But nevertheless, it’s sensible to keep a low profile. And this SilentKeys keyboard is here to help.

SilentKeys is a plug’n’play keyboard that turns you into a completely anonymous web browser to prevent hackers and secret key loggers from know why, where, when and who you are – and what you’re typing. Simply plug in the keyboard like normal, press the button on the keyboard marked ‘SK’, and dive into SilentKeys’ top-secret anonymous browser, SAB, to become an indestructible web ninja in seconds.

SilentKeys KeyboardThe way it works is by encrypting all its traffic and data. It also keeps all your personal information inside a bank-grade encrypted micro-SD card, meaning everything from your social media passwords, banking details and logins to files, folders and search history stays completely secure.

As well as keeping all of your activity on the DL, SilentKeys also has a few tricks up its sleeve for easier browsing. It can stop ads and tracking, and even make you virus and malware proof. You can also bypass web blockers and censorship to get at previously inaccessible content.

Whether you want to disassociate your web activity at work with your personal use, or you’re after a way to protect yourself online, SilentKeys is a no-strings-attached tool to cloak yourself in anonymity. If you’re not so sure you need it – SilentKeys’ makers are quick to caution you with the words of Edward Snowden: “Arguing that you don’t care about the right to privacy because you have nothing to hide is no different than saying you don’t care about free speech because you have nothing to say”.

Amen to that. You can pre-order SilentKeys from Kickstarter for €149 (£115). Shipping is scheduled for November 2016 if the campaign is successful, and it’s well on its way to landing its funding goal.