Because making coffee for other people is flagrant misuse of your own valuable coffee-drinking time. And also you're single.

People complain about being single, but there are some cool perks to living the lonesome life that we neglect to mention, and this awesome Single Coffee Maker is one of them.

A tiny coffee making machine with a special space for your favourite mug, the Single Coffee Maker percolates your coffee through its built-in filter system and delivers a hot cup of joe at the flick of a switch. Just for you. And only you. Isn’t that nice and not at all a grim daily reminder that you’re single?

It doesn’t just have to be coffee either. You can pop tea and hot chocolate in it too, or simply use it to boil small portions of water for er – Lemsip? Washing up water? Bathing your chihuahua? It’s up to you. We’re not here to judge your small portions of boiling water needs.

The great thing about the Single Coffee Maker is that it’s incredibly low maintenance, with a removable tray and filter than you can quickly rinse under the tap. It plugs into the mains, so you can just stick it near your kettle – or even on your desk at work, if you’re that desperate to escape the politics of office drinks making.

You can grab the Single Coffee Maker here for just £9.95. It comes with a white mug, a measuring scoop and an additional tray for using with your own mugs.

Here’s a woman who probably just realised why she’s single:

I love coffee GIF