Want an action camera that records up to 4k, and live streams as you go? Sioeye is for you.

We’ve been strapping cameras to our heads and careening down mountains for a while now, haven’t we? And we’ve been live-streaming ourselves getting locked out of our houses. And it is time those two activities were combined. Enter Sioeye.

With two different 4G capable action cameras to choose from, Sioeye brings your biggest adventures to the internet as they are happening. Iris4G Blink records up to 1080p, and the Iris4G 4K records up to, well, 4K. In addition, the 4K has G-force and gyroscope sensors.


It’s a cute wee camera – not that aesthetics are the first thing on your mind when you’re surfing or white water rafting, but it’s nice. Both the Blink and the 4K Sioeye have a comprehensive range of accessories available as well, from waterproof cases, to head, chest, and handlebar mounts.

You can stream to either YouTube or Periscope, and Sioeye have their own custom streaming service available on their app. The live-streaming clocks out at 480p, and the camera simultaneously records in high definition, saving it to the memory card.


Obviously the ability to stream will depend on cell phone service on your average mountain or surf beach, but if it fails, you have the recorded footage to fall back on.