Bring virtual reality right into your skin.

If playing games that only make it look and sound like you’re in the middle of the action doesn’t quite do enough for you, Skinterface is on the way to ramp things up a notch.

Skinterface is a skinsuit primed with dozens of actuators that track through 3D space and transmit sensations into your skin. It enables you to experience two-way interactions with physical objects that are, in fact, not there at all. The computer-simulated objects then contribute to the virtual reality of games and more.


After all, if you’re playing a game that has you crawling over a rock covered hill, but you can sill feel the gentle cushioning of your couch, your suspension of disbelief might be slightly broken. The idea of Skinterface is to make sure you are fully immersed in the virtual world, with fewer outside influences marring the experience.


While the technology was developed with gaming in mind, it could well have other applications – including medical research and design. The designers – students at London’s Royal College of Art – have been showcasing their tech at various events.

So now we can all just sit back and wait for the introduction of four dimensional gaming.