This one’s for you, parents…

We’ve all been there. One of our loved ones is sick and we have to check in every hour on the hour to make sure they’re okay. But what if there was a way to check in without interrupting your kid’s sleep?

Enter Temp Pal, the latest wearable technology that aims to give parents piece of mind, as it tracks the temperature of your child, giving you updates in the accompanying app.

Taking the form of a small flexible thermometer patch the size of a 10p coin, Temp Pal has a battery life of 24 hours once fully charged. The thermometer is then stuck on the body, and uses medical grade sensor technology to accurately read your child’s body temperature.

Temp Pal sticking plaster

Not only is it designed for young children, but it also doubles as a measurement of basal temperature, a key metric for fertility for those couples looking to conceive. Instead of waking up early to take your temperature, the Temp Pal lets you know when you have the best chance of getting pregnant, letting you get on with your life as you should.

The Temp Pal functions by connecting wirelessly to a smartphone app, which tracks temperature over time and alerts parents if there’s a sudden change in their child’s condition. It even comes with medication reminders, so you don’t have to worry about watching the clock.

Temp Pal launched on Indiegogo and is asking for £42 for you to get your own.