D-Link's next device will be a WiFi security camera that will play nice with your growing gang of Apple HomeKit accessories.

Taiwanese tech company D-Link is better known for its monster WiFi routers for gaming, but it’s also been dabbling in some smart fun. And it’s next smart home device is going to have a pure Apple HomeKit heart.

D-Link’s current range of smart home gadgets that you can control from your phone include a camera, smart plugs, water sensor, motion sensor, siren, and a light switch with built-in camera and temperature, noise and humidity sensors.

The first device getting the Apple HomeKit treatment will be a WiFi-equipped security, and while D-Link hasn’t confirmed whether it’ll be adding HomeKit support to more of its devices, we imagine it won’t be long until more of them follow suit.

The news comes just after Apple has announced a fresh new app for controlling HomeKit devices in one fell swoop. Currently, HomeKit users have to make do with multiple third-party apps and product platforms to control their many smart home accessories, but the Apple Home app will give them a single place for complete smart home management.

D-Link also made friends with Amazon Alexa recently, giving D-Link smart home owners the ability to turn off devices connected to their smart plugs – kettles, lights, etc. – by simply saying the word.

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