When connected to a hose, the Zilker watches the weather and waters your lawn, so you don't need to

Sprinkler systems are the blunderbusses of garden irrigation, aimlessly flinging gallons of water around the garden regardless of conditions, drenching everything whether needing hydration or not. And if you have a water meter, the money spews from your wallet as fast as the water sprays from the nozzle

The Zilker aims to address this by intelligently watering a lawn based on the local weather, so if it’s been hot, the Zilker waters more. If it’s been raining, it waters less. Zilker will send alerts if there’s a leak in the hose, or apply precise waterings like an an inch to the lawn and five litres to the plants.

Bilker water usage

Who needs a smart hose though? Zilker reckons it can do the same job as a specialist in-ground sprinkler system, but for far less. And by smarter use of water, may save you a fair bit on water usage too.

Zilker is currently on Kickstarter inching its way to its funding goal. When available, it’ll be US only and cost $129 for the first 200 funders, rising to $149 thereafter,