Going to the toilet at night has never been an easy feat, especially for kids. This night light aims (ahem) to help

It’s dark, the kids are in a hurry because it’s dark and cold… but nature is nonetheless calling. Let’s face it, nobody’s aim is great under those stressful circumstances. So you can guess the rest. Well, thanks to the new smart toilet light, the Illumibowl Toilet Night Light, going to the bathroom just got a whole lot easier…

Attaching the Illumibowl to your toilet, the fitting boasts high-tech night lights that are both light sensitive and motion activated. So when an unfortunately staggers into the bathroom at night with total darkness in front of them, it will emit a glowing light to help them see (and aim). It is also kitted out with nine different colour options – either a single colour or a cycling effect.

So if you hate banging your knees into your bog, or don’t want to worry about making a mess, or have young kids with unreliable sharpshooting skills, this smart toilet light might be for you. It’s also easy to install, with suction cups and adjustable arms allowing you to custom fit it to your toilet’s dimensions. And cleaning it won’t be a chore either, just grab wet wipes or a damp cloth and wipe it. Simple.

Right now Illumibowl is available on Firebox, and will only set you back £19.99. Now there’s no excuse for not hitting the target.