You'll never have to step on a Lego brick barefoot again...

Until a musical nanny with an umbrella flies in through the window promising to clean up the show with a spoonful of sugar and some catchy music, parents everywhere are stuck with the cold hard fact that kids will never enjoy tidying their bedrooms.

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Or…are they? If this Smart Toybox is all it’s cracked up to be, we could well be saying Mary Poppins, eat your heart out while smugly admiring our mess-free carpets. Smart Toybox is a soft, colourful toybox equipped with WiFi and clever sensors that talks, sings and giggles when kids interact with it. When it’s time to tidy up and Smart Toybox senses it has an empty belly, it will cry out to be fed, and proceed to say things like “nom nom nom” whenever kids chuck in a toy.

Smart Toybox doesn’t just save you the otherworldly pain of a Lego brick to the sole of your bare foot, though. It can also play educational games with the kids to help them fine-tune their motor skills and learn important life skills ahead of the pack. Pair Smart Toybox with another of its kind, and the connected duo will initiate a left and right learning game, or help your kid improve their throwing and precision skills.

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If your children (or you, most likely) get driven to distraction by Smart Toybox’s preloaded repertoire of sound effects, you can take it upon yourself to record your own using Smart Toybox’s companion phone app complete with voice distorter. You and the kids can also remotely control the toybox and its hyperactive personality from your phone, which we’re guessing means you can probably choose when it’s time to tidy up, fire up a game, or tell the toybox to zip it.

Smart Toybox isn’t quite on the market just yet, but you can sign up here to know when pre-orders begin and get up to 40% off.