Turn-by-turn navigation, intuitive night lights and complete ride tracking in a single bike gadget.

If you’re looking to equip your beloved two-wheeler with some fresh new features, this SmartHalo gadget might be the perfect one-stop solution.

With an impressive array of sensors, including a magnetometer, gyroscope and accelerometer, SmartHalo serves as your sat nav, bike light, security system, phone and your fitness tracker in one. Simply fix it to handlebars of any bike using its tamper-proof screws, and it’s ready to ride.

The unique thing about SmartHalo is that it doesn’t have any words or maps on it. It’s called SmartHalo because it has just that – a glowing halo of lights that beams and flashes in various shapes and colours to give you handy information for life on the road at a second’s glance.

SmartHalo right turn 2Take its sat nav function. Rather than a map with arrows, SmartHalo merely uses green and red lights to show you how close you are to your destination, the right of its circle lighting up green when you need to turn right, and vice versa for the left.

That leaves it open for you to take any route you like in the direction of your ultimate destination – through that park you’ve always wanted to ride through, or down that cobbled alley you’ve never explored before.

If you do venture down the wrong road, SmartHalo will display a red semi-circle to let you know it’s time to perform a u-turn. When you’re at your destination, the entire circle will light up green.

Cycling at night is easier with SmartHalo too. Its smart night light activates as soon as you approach your bike with your phone, and deactivates again when you park up. If you forget where you’ve parked your bike, the app on your phone is there to remind you the exact location you last jumped off.

SmartHalo night lightIf you’re worried about leaving your bike lying around with an alluring smart gadget on its handlebars, you needn’t. SmartHalo’s internal motion sensor triggers an alarm to ward of thieves as soon as it senses excessive meddling. The alarm system will deactivate as soon as you’re in Bluetooth range.

As that isn’t enough to quench your appetite for connected cycling, SmartHalo will also set about tracking your time, speed, calories burned and elevation the second you start pedalling, then beam your stats to the app on your phone for some post-ride analysis.

It will also catch phone notifications, flashing a light to let you know if you’ve got a call coming in, or if there’s a storm on the horizon.

If you’re sold, you can pre-order SmartHalo for $139 (around £106) here. Shipping is set for December this year – just in time for a frosty early morning ride.