Who needs team iPhone when you've got these awesome gadgets to give your Android smartphone superpowers?

Prismo – Take non-creepy secret snaps

Prismo smartphone cameraPre-order for $25 (around £19) from Kickstarter

We’ve all at some point in our seedy little lives wanted to take a photo of a stranger and send it to our friends. And not even a creepy way. Sometimes you just love someone’s shoes on the tube, or you can’t get over a complete stranger’s uncanny resemblance to your good friend Geoff. But when you’re not a full-on creep, holding up your phone to blatantly snap a photo of someone you don’t know is out of the question. That is – until Prismo came along. A simple yet genius little add-on for almost any smartphone, Prismo gives you the ability to take photos of stuff in front of you incognito while holding your phone horizontally. Simply strap the little silicone band around your phone, open the Prismo app to toggle between the rear and front-facing camera, and snap photos while holding your phone like a normal person. Or, simply pop it on a table or surface, and get crystal-clear shots of stuff in front of you without looking like a total weirdo.

Invoxia NVX 200 – Interface like it’s the 90s

invoxia-nvx-200-smartphone-dockBuy for $249 (around £192) from Invoxia

Acting as a Bluetooth speaker, a charging dock and a desk phone all at once, the NVX 200 transforms your smartphone into a cord handset for your very nineties office desktop. Simply dock any smartphone into the device, access, dial in the old-fashioned way and pick up the super-comfy handset to chat in style. The – let’s face it – retro-style telephone base gives you access to your call lists in an instant, and lets you browse your contacts and add 10 number shortcuts for quick and easy dialling. You can answer calls, dial calls, chat to one or several people on a conference call, and even chat via your favourite apps like Skype, WhatsApp and Facetime. It’s basically everything your fancy phone does, with a much-needed injected of old-school phone tech. the NVX 200 also comes with patented tech to cancel microphone noise and room reverberation, giving you high-quality audio even through that handset. No more embarrassing misunderstandings over your cranky conference call phone. It’s compatible with Android, iOS and Windows smartphones and tablets.

Chargemander – Keeping the Pokéballs rolling

chargemander-gaming-battery-case-copyPre-order for $79 (around £60) from Kickstarter

Chargemander is a battery case for mobile gamers that claims to add a whopping 300% to your phone’s puny battery life. The battery case itself charges to full whack in just 15 minutes at lightning speed, but can give an iPhone a gargantuan 33 hours of play time on the go. No more power cuts when you stumble upon a rare Pokémon; this little fella has got your back. You can see your battery status at any time by pressing the blue button on the case, which will activate an LED light. Green means you’re full, yellow means you’re running out, and red means you’re in the danger zone. Chargemander offers some decent protection too; it’s a chunky monkey with a sturdy outer shell that should keep your phone safe from knocks and bumps. It has a front cover to protect your screen, which tucks out of sight round the back of your phone when you need to focus. All of your phone’s buttons and microphones are still completely accessible while it’s nestled inside Chargemander. What’s more – the case even folds to let you prop up your phone on your desk so you can watch stuff and browse hands-free.

Blips – See stuff really, really close up

BlipsPre-order a kit for $30 (around £25) from TryCelery

Mini adhesive lenses that discreetly stick onto your phone’s camera lens, Blips have the ability to instantly transform your phone into a high-definition digital microscope for seeing the world in extreme miniature. Just how extreme depends on which Blip you stick on, and there are two kinds to choose from. A Macro Blip magnifies objects by 10X, letting you see detailed close-ups of insect parts, dew drops, and even the detailed contours of a human iris. A Micro Blip is where things get seriously incy-wincy, allowing you to see details smaller than four microns. To put that into perspective, a human hair is around 100 microns in diameter. Needless to say, looking at stuff really, incredibly close-up is about to become a major hobby if you grab yourself some Blips, you cool kid, you.

SelfieShutter Button – The best 95p you’ll spend today

selfieshutter-buttonBuy for 95p from Red5

The SelfieShutter Button is a Bluetooth-powered remote control for your iPhone or Android’s camera. Without even needing to faff around with an app, you can trigger a selfie from up to 10 metres away with just a single tap of the button. Not only is that going to let you take all kinds of long-distance selfies without that awkward arm in shot, it’s going to reduce the inconvenient camera wobble that comes with fumbling with your phone yourself. There are actually two separate buttons for iOS and Android devices, so we’re presuming you can switch between devices if you’re dabbling in both. The iOS button is bigger for no apparent reason *boo hiss*. There’s even a handy key chain loop so you can carry the button close wherever you go and whip it out when the mood dictates. The button has a 6 month battery life too, so you won’t be stuck charging it in between shots. It runs on a coin cell battery, so it’s pretty inexpensive to replace it when you’ve been on a 6-month selfie rampage.Now quit whining you can’t ever afford anything cool.

Superbook – Make your phone a laptop

Superbook Android laptopPre-order for $99 (around £75) from Kickstarter

An 11.6-inch LCD display complete with keyboard and multi-directional trackpad, Smartbook is every bit the sleek laptop, except it’s missing just one thing. A computer brain. Turns out your tiny pocket screen is actually harbouring enough oomph to double as a fully-fledged laptop operating system, complete with a mouse cursor, the entire Microsoft Office package in all of its glory, file-saving abilities, gaming capacity and tons more. You can actually access all of your phone’s apps on Superbook too, with full access to the Play store to let you download and manage your apps from Superbook’s screen. Coders take note – any IDE built for Android can be accessed by Superbook too. To prep your smartphone for a laptop session, all you have to do is download the Andronium app from the Play store, plug your faithful ‘Droid into Superbook via the connector cable, and you’re set to start. Superbook will tap into your phone’s WiFi and data to power its browser, share all of your phone’s files in one big seamless sync, and will even charge your phone in the process as a bonus little favour.

inCharge – A tiny cable for a gigantic problem

InCharge-2Pre-order for $11.90 (around £9.30) from inCharge

inCharge is designed to remove the frustration of long cables from your life, and make sure you’re always sufficiently juiced up on the go. The microscopically tiny charging cable is equipped with strong magnets that latch around your keyring for easy transport, and it easily snaps open the second that you want to give your phone a top up via USB. If you want to be a very clever person, you could even snap inCharge around your coiled up headphones and kill two annoying tangled cable birds with one stone. Brilliant. The nifty little nipper is available in tons of colours, and it’s even available in lightning form for iPhone users.

Wondercube – A plug-in box of tricks

WonderCubePre-order from Indiegogo soon

Packing a whopping 8 vital smartphone tools inside a 1-inch square cube, WonderCube is basically the Tardis of the mobile accessories world. It lives on your keyring, is small enough to balance on your fingertip, and unfolds to transform into a charging, syncing, memory-boosting phone-saver in a matter of seconds. WonderCube comes with a built-in charging cable, USB adaptor, flash memory, LED torch, and even micro suction cups for turning it into a makeshift phone stand. With WonderCube in tow everywhere you travel, you can juice up your phone from a USB port, sync music files from your laptop in a jiffy, or expand your phone’s memory with another 64GB, transfer files from a computer. One of our favourite things is how WonderCube gives you the magical power of boosting your phone battery with – wait for it – an actual battery. Just open out WonderCube, plug in any 9v battery, and your phone will suck the juice right out of it to give you precious power when you’re running low. It also looks pretty loopy to strangers who have no idea what WonderCube is for…