Just tap your smartphone screen to send a dreamy combination of light and music to your favourite lamp.

Sony’s LED Bulb Speaker is already a popular go-to guy for bringing music to previously music-less spots in our houses, but the tech giant is about to launch an updated bulb for even greater sounds and brighter lights.

With a release date set for May 21st, the new and improved Sony LED Bulb Speaker will function exactly the same as its quieter predecessor – that is, by connecting to any Bluetooth-enabled music device and blasting out whatever tune it’s playing through any lamp or light fitting.

In an app on your phone, you can twiddle with the brightness of the bulb, adjust the sound volume and skip tracks to your heart’s content. And as well as now being able to enjoy better sound quality and shine those lights brighter, you can now also juggle two bulbs at once playing different tunes.

And if you’re wondering how music playing through your lightbulb can possibly improve your life – check out some of the moody scenes (First date mood lighting? Hubba hubba) in Sony’s new promo video….

There’s no word from Sony on a price yet, but as a comparison, the current Sony LED Bulb Speaker is $239 (£166).