Flames have always danced - now they dance in time with the music.

Where many Bluetooth speakers seem to drop the ball is in the area of fire. Not enough of them are on fire. Well, with the Music City Fire Company’s sound-reactive fire pit, that problem is solved.

Currently earning its funding on Kickstarter, the sound-reactive marvel is an elegant outdoor fire pit, with a built in Bluetooth speaker. Each function can be used alone, or together, and there’s even an option to have the fire move in time with the music. After all, flames have been dancing since fire was discovered, but they’ve never been great at keeping to the beat.

The fire pit also give the option for aux in connection, if Bluetooth isn’t your style, and to make things even more exciting your pit can be fitted with LED lighting.

Fire Pit

The fire pit is available in four different sizes – the 15 inch portable, 30 inch portable, fire column, or the trunk, if you want a truly impressive outdoor centrepiece. In addition, you can order DIY kits for the portable versions, or a custom designed special edition from Rail Yard Studios.

Sadly, the Kickstarter pits are only shipping within the US, with delivery estimated for May of 2017, but if you’re planning on adding some glamour to your patio, it’s worth keeping an eye on them for the future.