It's time to literally face the music.

If you’re a kind and considerate person who doesn’t like to inflict your singular music tastes upon your poor colleagues and family members, you’ve probably come to terms with the constant mild earache and periodic deafness that comes with earbud and headphone wear.

Luckily for you, your kindness is about to pay off. This Soundlazer VR speaker currently making headway over on Kickstarter is a directional speaker that claims it will surround you with a virtual sound cloud that frees you from earbuds and wires, and won’t disrupt the people around you.

Soundlazer VR is based on the simple science of planar wave technology. Unlike traditional cone-shaped speakers that generate sound waves in all directions, planar speakers create audio from straight, parallel wave patterns. Along with a clever design, this means that the speaker can direct sound into a very specific zone, creating a spherical area of virtual sound right below it.

So efficient is this method that Soundlazer VR reckons it can produce a concentrated area of personal audio that’s over four times louder than everywhere else in the room. Stick your head in that cloud, and there will be clear, vibrant stereo sound just for your. Step away from that cloud? And…well, it won’t be completely silent, but it will be much quieter, at least.

Soundlazer VR is available in two models – a hanging speaker that does actually hover above your head like a cloud, and a junior version that sits on your desk. It’s taking pre-orders starting at $199 (£138), with a release date set for October 2016.