Stay connected with your mates, family, or even your students on the slopes with this clever CeeCoach Bluetooth comms device.

CeeCoach is a Bluetooth device for skiers and adrenaline junkies alike that keeps you in touch with your group while you’re slicing through the powder.

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With Bluetooth connectivity up to 500 metres, CeeCoach gives you the luxury of chatting to one or multiple other CeeCoach users even if you happen to stray away from the pack.

The brilliant thing about CeeCoach is that it lets you customise how you communicate depending on your group dynamic. When you buy two or more CeeCoach devices, you’re required to assign one of them the status of moderator. With this big cheese clipped on your belt, you can choose to open communication for all of your group to chip in simultaneously, speak one-on-one with individual devices, or give a one-way instruction from you to the entire group.

Thinking what we’re thinking? CeeCoach isn’t just perfect for groups of mates who want to indulge in a touch of competitive banter on their skiing holiday. It’s ideal for teachers and instructors who want to engage with their students on a deeper level too.

And that doesn’t just go for skiing. CeeCoach’s makers want their device to be handy across all sorts of other outdoor pursuits where communication between a leader and their group is key, like horse-riding, climbing, mountain-biking, and even on film sets or construction sites.

The brilliant thing about CeeCoach is that it’s incredibly easy to control when you need to stay focussed. It only has three buttons to control all of its functions, and CeeCoach’s makers claim you can operate it without looking, and even when you’re kitted out with a chunky pair of gloves. If you do ever need to glance down at CeeCoach, a handy ring of LED lights on the device indicates which mode its in.

You can buy a pair of CeeCoach devices for €279 (£215), or a single CeeCoach for €144 (£111) from All devices come with their own own micro USB cable for recharging, a clip mount for attaching the device to a convenient place on your clothes, and a set of headphones.