A new wearable will keep you visible while you exercise at night - and let you make a statement.

Over the last few years apps and gadgets to help you get fit have sky-rocketed, but the emphasis is usually on getting you up and out there in the first place. Tech start-up Niports, Inc wants to keep you safe while you do that, with all new Specter.

With Specter you can make sure you’re visible to the traffic and people around you, without resorting to less-than-stylish high-vis vest. Specter is a wristband that, when still, looks like an simple row of LED lights. When you get moving however, it springs to life in whatever manner you see fit. The device pairs with your phone using Bluetooth and lets you program a unique afterimage.

The LED lights flash at a speed of 20 frames per second, which lets your brain pick up on images and words as the device moves with your arm. The adjustable brightness let’s people around you see you from a distance, helping you to avoid collisions.

You can choose to have a simple image, or you can broadcast messages of encouragement to other runners. If you’re feeling particularly devious, you could even send out a cryptic clue, to try and get people thinking.

Niports, Inc claims that nighttime exercise has risen in popularity – which is certainly understandable, as many of us struggle to find the time during the day. But as most visibility gear does not exactly make a fashion statement, many people avoid it, leading to an increase in accidents.

Specter is halfway to it’s fundraising goal on Kickstarter – and with some of the early bird packages still available, it’s a good time to be seen.