Air purifiers have officially entered the 21st century

Air purifiers. Not something you really look for when you’re out shopping, but can make a huge difference to any home. And with Sprimo’s smart air purifier, you can finally get an air purifier that gives you more bang for your buck.

Connecting to your phone and with an interactive touch screen display, Sprimo is armed with a host of state-of-the-art sensors that monitor the quality of the surrounding air, collects data to adapt to make the air cleaner, while personalizing – yes, personalizing – the air based on your specific needs.

It does this by monitoring the temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide and any volatile organic compounds – e.g. harsh pollutants – that may be in the air. The filters are recyclable and tell you when they need to be replaced. So when you send them off to Sprimo, you can ask for a chemical analysis of the filter, to find out exactly how much of what type of dirt is in your air. Perfect if you suffer from allergies.

Smart air purifier

But an air purifier’s no good if it doesn’t actually, you know, clean the air. And as you expect, Sprimo’s smart air purifier does this with aplomb, using high-tech sensors to detect the dirtiness of the air around you and then give you a personalized protective bubble of fresh air. You can even personalize the purifier’s functions, choosing to either direct the air to you or to clean the air of an entire room.

Clean air doesn’t come cheap though, and the minimum pledge to support Sprimo – it’s currently slated to be launched in February 2017 – is £238. But, if you want to get ahead of next summer’s hay fever, it may be time to check out their crowd supply page.