Perfect your running style whether you're on the treadmill or the track with these slip-in Stridalyzer smart insoles.

A fitness tracker on your wrist is great for counting calories and logging your progress, but it can’t tell you much about your technique. If you’re after a more in-depth insight into your daily run, a pair of Stridalyzer smart insoles should be just the ticket.

Stridalyzer are sensor-packed insoles that monitor your feet in real-time to give you all sorts of handy feedback to help improve your running style. By connecting to your phone via Bluetooth, Stridalyzer can tell you if the pressure on your feet needs altering, whether your knees are getting a hard time, and give you instant alerts to nudge you into form.

One of Stridalyzer’s most helpful features is a stress map of your feet, which shows you exactly where and how much pressure is being put on different parts. If the insoles recognise bad habits like overpronation or overstriding, you’ll get an alert to your phone to let you know you’re running the risk of injury.

Of course, not everybody likes to be tethered to their phone while they run, so you can pass on the real-time alerts during your run if you like, and instead just sync all your data when you’re done. You won’t get the luxury of real-time alerts, but you’ll still be able to view a stress map of your feet for the entire run.

As well as whipping you into shape, the insoles will also collect vital stats like pace, distance, time, stride length, stride rate and ground contact time. You can view all of this data in digestible chunks as you run, or wait until you’ve touched base again to sync everything all at once.

The clever thing with Stridalyzer is that they’re primed for both the treadmill and the track. If you’re on the treadmill, you can more accurately track your run by setting the appropriate inclination and speed in the Stridalyzer app. The app will then adjust its feedback to take into account the fact that you’re on a treadmill.

You can grab a pair of Stridalyzer insoles for $159 (£110) here.