A plug 'n' play device that puts the power, functionality and convenience of a complete laptop computer in your pocket.

A startup in the US called Andronium has soared to Kickstarter stardom with an infinitely handy device called Superbook. An 11.6-inch LCD display complete with keyboard and multi-directional trackpad, Smartbook is every bit the sleek laptop, except it’s missing just one thing. A computer brain. Enter your Android phone…

That’s right – your smartphone is the real hero of this story. Turns out that tiny pocket screen is actually harbouring enough oomph to double as a fully-fledged laptop operating system, complete with a mouse cursor, the entire Microsoft Office package in all of its glory, file-saving abilities, gaming capacity and tons more.

Even better than your current laptop, you can actually access all of your phone’s apps on Superbook too, with full access to the Play store to let you download and manage your apps from Superbook’s screen. Coders take note – any IDE built for Android can be accessed by Superbook too.

Feeling glad you resisted buying an iPhone yet?

To prep your smartphone for a laptop session, all you have to do is download the Andronium app from the Play store, plug your faithful ‘Droid into Superbook via the connector cable, and you’re set to start. Superbook will tap into your phone’s WiFi and data to power its browser, share all of your phone’s files in one big seamless sync, and will even charge your phone in the process as a bonus little favour.

Superbook Android laptop 2The beauty of Superbook is the fluidity it gives you between devices – like your phone is your laptop’s mini-me. No more manually uploading pictures from your phone’s gallery, emailing yourself files or faffing about trying to make sure your phone’s content is backed up. It’s all there on your phone, and it’s all there on Superbook. Simple.

So what happens when you get a new phone? Here’s the genius.You get a new computer too. Superbook is future-proof, and will always be as up-to-date as your latest device. Suddenly, splashing out on the latest Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge doesn’t seem so extravagant, eh?

The jaw-droppingly brilliant news is that Superbook is only $99 (around £75). That’s not a Kickstarter early bird price. It’s not a launch offer either. It’s the real-deal price tag.

If you’re ready to make the ultimate smartphone upgrade, you can pre-order Superbook now on Kickstarter, with delivery set for February. Unsurprisingly, it has smashed its funding goal nearly 15 times over, so there’s no doubt over Superbook going into production as planned.