Installing smart tech is pretty straightforward, but not for the makers of this smart lightswitch

According to Switchmate, their new light switch is the first smart home product that can be used “with absolutely no installation, configuration, tools or wiring”.

It’s essentially a device that sits over the top of an existing light switch and flicks it for you. The phone app syncs to the switch via WiFi or Bluetooth and controls a little flicker inside the switch giving you app based light flickery quickly and easily.

That includes the ability to control or schedule lighting in advance, for example via a ‘Welcome Home’ setting.


“Today’s consumers want to make their homes smarter, but the complex integration barrier to entry has been too high for the mass market consumer,” said Dean Finnegan, CEO of Switchmate. “It turns any home into the ‘One-Second Smart Home’ since it comes configured right out of the box and instantly attaches to any standard light switch. Our customers can snap, tap and start… it’s that simple.”

Switchmate begun as an Indiegogo campaign last year, raising $185,000, and has just launched in the US, for $40.