Bruvela is a Wi-Fi connected smart coffee machine that connects to an app on your smartphone so you can tell it to brew a cup of joe using your favourite beans from wherever you are.

Tell Bruvela to make you a brew from your bed, when you’re on your way home from work, or simply when you’re too lazy to get up off the sofa and do it yourself.

Bruvela lets you customise the entire brewing process within the app, with settings for variables such as grind size, steep and bloom time, and filtration, so you can get the balance right. It maintains a consistent temperature throughout the entire brewing process to ensure your beans don’t get burned.


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There’s a perfectly sized bean hopper to fit enough of your favourite beans to make one perfect drink, and when you start pouring in water, Bruvela uses sensors to tell you when you’ve poured the right ratio of water to beans in the hopper.

Its ceramic burr grinder ensures complete freshness, and is compatible with any 63mm disc-style filters, taking both metal and paper filters.

For the ultimate coffee automation experience, set schedules within the app for brew times throughout your day, or connect Bruvela to your morning alarm so it’ll spring into action when it knows you’re awake

Pre-order the Bruvelo smart coffee machine for $419 (around £276).


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