Bird is a tiny finger wearable that lets you turn any surface into an interactive playground that you can swipe, grab, push, pull, and manipulate using subtle finger gestures.

A lightweight plastic device that slips onto your index finger like a ring, Bird is packed with tiny sensors that read your finger movements and let you interact with your TV or projector screen, or turn any blank surface into your very own digital canvas from wherever you are in the room.

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You can browse Netflix on your TV, swipe through a Powerpoint presentation at a business meeting, or create a giant workspace on your living room wall and let the kids use Bird as the ultimate crayon. Bird works as a remote control in thin air, or as a touch-sensitive tool for drawing and creating, with the ability for multiple Bird wearers collaborate on one surface or screen.

BirdWhat’s perhaps even cooler is that if you partner the Bird phone app with apps that control your smart gadgets, your finger will instantly turn into a remote control, letting you turn on the lights, open the curtains, change TV channels, and crank up the heating with a flick of your finger. No fumbling with your phone or jabbing at various buttons on a remote control – simply slip on Bird and use intuitive finger gestures to communicate with the world around you.

With new and amazing smart gadgets popping up every day, the possibilities of controlling your world with Bird are practically infinite. Imagine flying your drone by pointing your finger at the sky, using your finger as an extension of your games console, or commanding your Roomba to get cleaning with a quick air gesture. That’s all possible with a Bird on your finger.

Bird has a built-in microphone so you can use voice commands too, and there’s a capacitative touch button for your thumb for registering taps and swipes. It works with all iOS and Android phone, and any PC or tablet, with a range of around 100 feet.

Pre-order your Bird finger wearable for $149 (around £98) from Shipping is set for Spring 2016.