Birdi is a smart air monitor that not only acts as a smoke detector to alert you in advance of a fire, but senses air pollution like carbon monoxide, dust, and soot, and sends warning alerts to an app on your phone when levels are dangerous.

Most of us have no idea whether the atmosphere inside our own home is healthy or not, and although a regular smoke detector can save our lives in an emergency, it can’t tell us about other air factors that might be damaging to our health, or detrimental to people with existing conditions like asthma or allergies.

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That’s why Birdi monitors everything – from dust and soot, to humidity, air staleness, carbon monoxide, and VOCs (carbon-based chemicals that vaporise easily and come from products like new carpets, furniture, paint, and deodorants). It tracks outside pollution too, like pollen and particulates.

By connecting to an app on your phone via the Wi-Fi, Birdi lets you constantly track the levels of all of these environmental variables, showing you trends and giving you tips on how to make the air in your home safer.

When there’s an emergency, Birdi jumps into action straight away, alerting your phone if there’s a fire or a dangerous level of carbon monoxide, and giving you the option to call the emergency services if the threat is real. You can silence the alarm using your phone too, meaning no manic tea-towel waving, or throwing the nearest blunt object at it to knock its batteries out.

Watch the Birdi team demonstrate a few of Birdi’s clever tricks:

It’s even friendly for grandma to use, calling her on the landline to alert her of any danger, before patching her through to the authorities if she needs assistance. And if your neighbours have an emergency, it’ll alert you so you can vacate your house.

Not content with just keeping track of what’s going on inside your home, Birdi will also alert you if there’s a natural disaster like a flood, earthquake, or tornado on its way to give you time to reach safety.

As well as looking after you, Birdi looks after itself too. You’ll never have to worry about Birdi’s battery going flat, because it’ll send you an alert way before it’s about to run out, and automatically have a new one delivered straight to your door.

You can pre-order a Birdi air monitor for $119 (around £77).


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