Myo armband is a gesture controlled device that lets you operate your TV, computer, presentation, or even your drone from a distance using intuitive arm movements.

Make a fist to browse your TV menu, spread your fingers to open Netflix, wave your hand to swipe onto the next presentation slide, and move your arm to fly your smart drone through the sky. It’s all possible without a control panel or remote in sight. Simply slip on the Myo armband and enjoy hands-free, completely intuitive control of your devices.

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Myo works by reading the electrical activity of your muscles, recognising five distinct arm movements and communicating those gestures via Bluetooth Smart to an app on your phone, which in turn tells your device what you want it to do.

It’s fun, easy, and completely addictive. Check out more of Myo’s cool tricks:

There are various apps available on the Myo Market to connect Myo to your devices, including apps for Spotify, iTunes, VLC media player, Minecraft, and more. Myo works with all Mac, Windows, iOS and Android devices too.

You can buy a Myo armband in black or white for £179.95 from Amazon.


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