Google has upgraded its smart Nest thermostat to include handy new features like a heating diagnostic test, a sharper screen, and smarter learning habits.

Google’s third-generation Nest is defter than before at picking up on your heating habits, meaning that it can create a personalised heating schedule in just a couple of days.

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It’s also is 40% bigger than its predecessor, and boasts 25% more pixels, which makes for a sharper, easier to read display. To make up for its bigger display span, the third-gen has slimmed down a little, meaning it won’t stick out from your wall quite as much.

A clever Farsight feature will save you manually checking the current setting. Instead, the new Nest will automatically light up its display when you walk into the room. And of course, as with previous Nest versions, you can also still control it from your smartphone.

The new Furnace Heads-Up feature alerts users to abnormalities in their heating patterns, and if you’ve already got a Nest, the great news is that this feature is rolling out to all previous versions.

Even greater news is the price. Google’s updated Nest will remain at the current Nest price of $249 (£163). Previous versions will drop to $199 (£130) while stock last.

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