Swann has launched a new smart home automation system to put you in charge of your home security and smart gadgets from a simple app on your phone.

The SwannOne Smart Hub connects to your WiFi to give you complete control over your home heating, lighting, smart locks, and a range of security accessories, using the SwannOne app for iOS and Android on your phone or tablet.

With window sensors, motion sensors, and high definition indoor cameras, SwannOne puts an entire army of home security solutions at your fingertips. The Smart Hub microphones listen out for glass door and window breakage and even baby cries alerts you instantly via the app if there’s cause for concern.

Swann’s Zen thermostat replaces your existing thermostat to give you control over your home heating and cooling remotely.

With convenient features in the app like home and away modes, you can set up schedules and rules for your connected gadgets, for example if you want your lights to switch on and off every evening when you’re on holiday.

It’s not a problem if you’re not living with a host of smart gadgets yet. Grab a Swann Smart Plug to turn “dumb” appliances like your iron or bedside lamp smart, and control them from wherever you are using the app. You can measure the energy consumption of any gadgets connected to a Smart Plug using the app too.

Get the SwannOne Wireless Smart Alarm kit for £199, or check out all of SwannOne’s home automation kits and accessories here.