You'll have to do some serious DIY-ing, but now you really can make like a Weasley...

It’s from the dream home all Harry Potter fans wished they lived in, and it’s apparently only an intricate DIY job away from being yours.

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The Weasley’s magical kitchen clock that indicates whether each family member is at work, in prison, playing Quidditch, in danger of mortal peril, and so on, is now tick-tocking away on the wall of Redditor tbornottb3. And it’s as beautiful as we always imaged it to be.

The replica is slightly different to the real deal, limiting the family’s whereabouts to ‘home’, ‘work’, ‘holiday’, ‘mortal peril’, ‘forest’, and ‘on the way’. It’s mainly based on the family’s smartphone GPS whereabouts (sorry, no magic, folks), so it’ll indicate ‘work’ when tbornottb3 is at the school library, for instance. The ‘mortal peril’ indicator is linked up to an undesirable location of each person’s choosing, like tbornottb3’s rival school.

The sad news for us mere mortals is it’s a lot easier to make if you have a few niche-skilled friends to rope in for help. tbornottb3 says it took around 3 months put together, and involved some hefty coding, an IFTTT recipe, and a mate with some mad laser cutting skills.

The clock also employs the use of coloured LED lights over the Weasley’s complicated clock hand affair. The addressable LED strip that backlights the clock is triggered by a Particle Photon connected via a breadboard. We’ll leave you to figure that one out for yourself.

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