Lumo run are smart running shorts with built in sensors that help improve your performance by sending auditory coaching advice to your headphones while you run.

With a lab-grade 9-axis sensor and advanced algorithms packed discretely into the waistband of the shorts, these smart running shorts measure your cadence (steps per minute), pelvic rotation, stride, ground contact time, and bounce while you run. The shorts then send feedback and simple adjustment suggestions to your headphones in real time to help you reach your full running potential, whilst avoiding injury or bad form.

When your run’s over, you can access all of your personal running data via Lumo Run’s smartphone app, with detailed post-running analysis, including your goal running time, current time, and best time.

The shorts run on a lithium polymer battery that lasts up to at least one month on a single charge, and the tech in the waistband is completely water and washing machine proof.

Lump Run come in a range of sizes for both men and women. The men’s shorts are lightweight, with built-in briefs for comfort, and the women’s are nylon/spandex leggings. Both versions have built-in pouches in the waistband for keys and coins, zip pockets, and 360 degree reflective features to make you visible in low light.

The men’s Lumo Run starter pack including the shorts, sensor and charging pack is $99 (around £64). The women’s starter pack is $119 (around £77).


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