Why live in a tangle, when you can charge your things without wires?

Sometimes it seems like life has become nothing more than a web of wires. With tablets and phones and eReaders all constantly needing to charge there is a lot to be constantly tripping over. thingCHARGER let’s you charge any of your things, right on the socket.

thingCHARGER was crowdfunded in the US in 2013, and has now been adapted for UK sockets. It fits right on top of a standard double socket, and works in just the same way – but with so much more.

Sitting on top of the thingCHARGER is a slot that fits attachments for pretty much any device you might have, and adjusts to make room for your case. The device sits on top of the socket, with no wires to get tangled up in, and there is space to store the different attachments you might need built right into it.


If you need to charge multiple things at once, you can stack thingCHARGERS on top of each other easily. And if that’s still not enough, there are two USB charge points on the bottom of the unit, so you can keep things wired if you need to.