Budding smart home owner? Thington is just what you need to get your gadgets in order.

If you’ve cobbled together a bit of a DIY smart home with gizmos and gadgets from multiple brands, you might be kicking yourself for not looking into the right way to get started first. That’s where Thington comes in.

Thington is an app for iOS that wants to bring together all of the smart devices in your house and help you find ways to make life better. Simply download Thington to your iPhone, Pad, Pod or Apple Watch, let it scan for compatible devices in your home, and say hello to your new universal remote and smart home helper.

Once Thington is virtually hooked up to your gadgets, its concierge function will instantly kick into play, observing how you interact with your devices and suggesting simple ways to make life easier. It will even link up your devices to local and public information from weather stations and public transport to influence how and when your gadgets do stuff, which is handy if your smart thermostat syncs with the conditions outside, or if your connected car plug-in uses traffic conditions to predict journey times.

Thington appThe other cool thing about Thington is how it brings your friends into play. When you have people round, Thington lets you set up guest lists, meaning you can grant your friends permission to control certain things when they’re visiting your house. Thington will send you text updates to let you know stuff like who changed the temperature, or when a certain smart home schedule kicked in.

Thington is compatible with all kinds of top smart home names, including Philips Hue products, the Netatmo weather station, Belkin Wemo devices, and the Automatic Connect car adaptor, with plans to make its service open for other companies to get on board. You can download Thington for iOS for free here.