It flips pages like a book and lets you "feel" every page turning.


As if being taunted by with the possibility of a bendy LG TV wasn’t enough, a crack team of researchers from Queens University has given us hope that the world’s first flexible smartphone could be closer than we think.

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The smartphone prototype, christened ReFlex, has a 720 pixel flexible LG OLED display paired with bend sensors and haptic feedback motors that enable you to control certain features by bending the screen.

As well as being able to flip through the pages of your ebook by bending your screen like a paperback, ReFlex will also let you control games and apps by flexing and manipulating the screen. The team at Queens give the example of Angry Birds, which you can play by bending the screen to slingshot a bird. The more you flex, the tighter the slingshot stretches.

Think of it as bending being the new swiping.

What’s even cooler, perhaps, is the phone’s voice-coil haptic motors. They sound complicated, but all you need to know is that they actually make you “feel” the pages of your ebook turning as you bend the phone, or experience the sensation of the slingshot stretching in your hands. Mental.

ReFlex also comes with full high-res colour, and runs on an Android 4.4-powered board with custom drivers.

Its makers are showing it off at the International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction conference in Amsterdam today, and are fairly certain that commercial versions of the device will be making their way into the mainstream within as little as five years.