HAIKU is a nifty bike GPS and computer that uses Bluetooth to connect to your smartphone to display directions and notifications while you ride.


Clip HAIKU onto your handlebar, switch on your phone’s GPS, and HAIKI will turn on automatically, displaying simple navigational instructions on its LCD display to read at a glance so you can focus on reaching your destination safely.

When you receive a message on your phone, HAIKU alerts you with blinking blue lights, and waits until you’re ready before it displays the text. At a convenient point, like the next red light or on a safe stretch of road, simply wave your hand over the display and your message will appear.

Similarly with incoming calls, HAIKU will blink blue to let you know someone’s trying to reach you, giving you the opportunity to pull over somewhere safe to return the call.

HAIKU also acts as a handy bike computer, giving you stats on speed and ride time. When you’re finished riding, unplug HAIKU and it will automatically save all your ride data to the cloud.


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It’ll clip onto the handlebar of any bike using a magnet reinforced with a mechanical clip, and it’s completely waterproof. When it’s being a bike GPS, HAIKU connects to Google maps for navigation from an Android phone, or its own iOS app for iPhone users.

Because HAIKU uses low energy Bluetooth, it’s got a battery life of around a week, with a micro USB port for charging.

HAIKU is slowly but surely climbing its way out of Kickstarter at a price of $70 (around £46). Pledge a donation here to be one of the first lucky riders to get hold of it.


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