Part fashion accessory, part super wearable, this smart bracelet brings all of your iPhone’s notifications to your wrist in real time whilst displaying your favourite piece of art.

Eyecatcher is a sleek, modern wearable with a large 5 inch e-ink display that wraps around your entire wrist to bring you notifications from your iPhone, a variety of customisable analog and digital watch faces, and whichever design in the world you feel like wearing.

For anyone who’s still getting used to the idea of a smartwatch, wearing a large screen display your notifications to the person next to you on the bus might be a bit off-putting. But the beauty of Eyecatcher is that it can be as discrete or true to its name as you like.

This smart bracelet has no buttons, so you have complete control from the iOS app. Here, you can choose to get notifications from sources like the usual texts and emails, calendar updates, and other stuff like a moving map, news and stock updates. You can choose to have up to six beam through to the bracelet, or even none at all. You decide where they’ll appear on the bracelet too, so they don’t necessarily have to pop up in the same place as on a smartwatch

Eye-catcher watch facePerhaps the very best bit is that you can customise Eyecatcher to match your outfit using photos from your iPhone, your favourite designs, or from Eyecatcher’s library of 100 beautiful designs. If you like, snap a pic of what you’re wearing have the bracelet match your outfit. Got a friend with an Eyecatcher? Send them a fun design and have it magically appear around their wrist.

Most astonishing of all is Eyecatcher’s battery life. With a 100mAH rechargeable lithium battery, Eyecatcher will keep going for a year on a single charge, allowing for around 8000 display updates. How is that humanly possible, you ask? Eyecatcher’s secret is its e-ink display, which remembers the last image displayed and keeps it there, allowing the rest of the bracelet’s tech shut down until you download new data onto it.

It’s splash-proof, comes in three different sizes, and three different gorgeous designs, including two sleek designs for women in white bronze and solid sterling silver, and a stainless steel elasticated cuff for men.

The cheapest pre-order price on Eyecatcher’s Kicksarter campaign is $239 (around £156), with shipping to backers set for February 2016, or March for online stores.


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