Wave goodbye to wobbly video and say hello to the XSories X-Steady Electro camera stabiliser. This smooth operator is a hand-held mount for your smartphone or GoPro that uses Horizon Drive technology to banish shaky footage for good and give you pixel perfect compositions.


X-Steady will hold most smartphones and action camera models to keep even the most high-definition masterpieces stable, with a quarter inch screw to secure your device safely in place. Once fitted with your equipment, X-Steady uses its 1 axis of horizon stabilisation to keep your footage turbulence free, letting you focus on panning that stunning view, or chasing your gallivanting dog.

With a foam handle grip and a weight of just 220g, X-Steady should feel just like an extension of your arm rather than a superfluous piece of kit. You can even buy a separate pole if you want to mount your device higher than X-Steady will reach.


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The only downside to X-Steady is that it’s not waterproof or splash resistant, so for now you’ll have to stick to capturing your cinematic moments in dry areas – which shouldn’t prove too inconvenient if you’re filming with your iPhone anyway.

X-Steady does, however, allow for ample filming time, with its battery life of 75 minutes.

Get your X-Steady Electro camera stabiliser for just $220 (around £143).


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