Could this bendy LCD be your next wearable?

UK company FlexEnable has shown off a flexible LCD screen at the MWC this year, and it can be slapped around your wrist like a bracelet.

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The bendable display is a 4.7-inch organic colour screen that is incredibly only one hundredth of an inch thick – the same as a sheet of paper. The malleable nature of the screen is down to plastic transistors that create an organic liquid crystal display. Or in our language, er, stuff that bends.

FlexEnable says it can easily run vivid colour and smooth video content, which could see us sporting all manner of footage on our wrists, including watch faces and other cool displays. While it’s not touchscreen, you can control the display using function buttons on a small side panel.

For now, the flexi-screen remains a nameless concept product, and there’s actually no telling whether FlexEnable will use it develop wobbly wearable tech or perhaps use it to make smartphones more awesome.

It’s the first time we’ve had hints of 2016 being the year of floppy tech, though. LG has already wowed us with its bendy smartphone complete with a touchscreen, which lets you flip pages of an eBook and control games like Angry Birds by flexing it like a paperback. Watch out for that in a few years.

Picture via Gizmodo