Luxor 2 is the world's first flashlight that can automatically detect what you're pointing it at and adjust the focus of its beam and its lighting level to provide optimal illumination for a variety of settings.


Powered by a high-performnace microprocessor and accelerometer, Luxor 2’s seven bright Cree LED lights work together to form a flood light, trail beam, narrow long-distance beam, or even a lantern – all depending on where you point the flashlight.

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Point Luxor 2 at the ground for a wide-angle flood light, at the trail ahead for a perfectly illuminated view of your path, at any object far away in the distance to increase Luxor 2’s throw, or simply point Luxor at the sky to activate its handy lantern mode.

With a light angle capacity of between 12 and 270 degrees and a maximum light output of 850 lumens, Luxor 2 can direct its super-strong light beam at objects up to 210 metres away, automatically adjusting its focus to maximise both your central and peripheral vision. Here it is in action:


You can manually adjust Luxor 2’s focus too, if you like, by gently twisting your wrist. There’s also a button on the side that lets you adjust Luxor 2’s brightness to suit your needs.

There’s an intelligent OLED display on the flashlight’s body that keeps you in know about information like Luxor 2’s light output, focus angle, beam, and distance reached, along with system stats like watt, amp, and volt usage, battery health, and temperature.

Luxor 2 is waterproof, drop-resistant, and runs on a 5000mAH lithium battery that lasts up to around 65 hours at 100 lumens.

It’ll eventually retail at $149 (around £97), but you can nab an early bird offer on Luxor 2’s successful Kickstarter campaign for just £79 (around £50).


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