We'll be honest, of all the mod-cons we've been dying to see get a smart makeover, the menstrual cup was never at the top of the list. In fact, it was actually far, far away from the list. But gird your loins, ladies of the 21st century, because here comes Looncup, the smart menstrual cup that sends you phone notifications about your period from inside your body.

Looncup looks like a regular bell-shaped menstrual cup, made out of safe, durable, and transparent medical-grade silicone. But hidden in its stem is a bunch of tiny sensors and Bluetooth gadgetry that talk to ann app on your smartphone to help you keep tabs on what’s going on inside.

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The sensors are able to monitor current fluid volume, colour, next refresh time, and cumulative daily volume of your flow. You’ll get push notifications to your phone when it’s time to empty the cup, and the app will even keep track of your cycle and remind you when it’s due. It’ll also help you understand what colour is normal and tell you if there’s ever cause to visit the doctor.

Looncup appThe stem itself needs to sit just outside your body in order to connect to your smartphone, and it uses low energy Bluetooth 4.0.

Looncup runs on a tiny contact lens-sized battery, which lasts around 6 months. It has the standard 25ml capacity of ‘dumb’ menstrual cups, and it’s also weighs the standard 16 grams.

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The app is compatible with both iOS and Android phones, and for Apple Watch wearers there’s the added luxury (or dread) of wrist-based period notifications.

Looncup is currently crowdfunding on Kickstarter, and the cheapest early bird offer is $40 (around £26), with shipping expected in January 2016.


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