Pico is a fully automatic brewery system that sits on your kitchen countertop at home and brews professional quality craft beer at the touch of a button.

With a simple, no-fuss process that results in delectable craft beer personalised to your taste, Pico is perfect for beginners after an easy, effortless way of delving into the world of craft beer making, or pro brewers just wanting to inject some cutting-edge tech into their home brewing.

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Part of what makes Pico so simple and easy is PicoPaks. These are ingredients kits that you can buy from Pico’s global online Brewmarketplace, produced by over 50 unique craft breweries worldwide. They come with customised hop and grain modules that you pop into Pico to get the brewing process going, along with some water.

After you push the button, Pico’s microprocessor takes care of the brewing process, which lasts just two hours. Then Pico adds yeast for fermentation, before decanting your beer into the 5-litre mini-kegs to carbonate overnight. In the morning, your perfect pint will be waiting for you. Like Pico’s makers, PicoBrew, say, it’s like having your very own 3D printer for beer.

The machine will even steam-clean itself after you’re done with it, and the PicoPaks are compostable, meaning the entire process is mess and hassle-free.

Pre-order Pico for shipping in March 2016 at an early bird rate of $499 (around £325) and get a free PicoPak to start you off.


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