Ding is a smart doorbell that lets you talk to visitors on your doorstep from wherever you are in the world using an app on your phone.

With Ding, you can tell the delivery man where to put your parcel from the supermarket, let your guests know you’re on your way to let them in from the bottom of the garden, and always know if surprise visitors appear when you’re out of town. As Ding’s makers put it – this smart doorbell means you can be at home, anywhere.

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Housing a built-in microphone, speaker, and Wi-Fi connectivity, Ding notifies your phone when you doorbell rings whether you’re at home or away, and lets you quickly answer with a single tap of your phone’s screen to have a two-way chat with whoever is on the doorstep. Although sadly it doesn’t go quite as far as some of these smart locks that’ll even let you unlock the door from your phone.

The doorbell itself comes in two parts; an easy to install doorbell button, and a chime with a traditional bell sound that sits anywhere inside your home. Once Ding is installed, you can control how it works from the phone app, including the volume of the chime.

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