No more fumbling in your bag for your iPhone. This gorgeous range of smart jewellery delivers your phone notifications through a gemstone centrepiece.

The Altruis range of smart jewellery by London design house Vinaya launched in June this year, but it seems the company has made a few mechanical tweaks, and an updated range is now available to pre-order in time for Christmas.

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The range includes bracelets, pendants, and rings set with a characteristic rectangular faceted stone. You wouldn’t guess by looking at it, but that stone houses a circuitboard, vibration motor, rechargeable battery and Bluetooth connectivity to link it wirelessly to your most treasured possession: your iPhone.

When an important notification comes through to your phone like a message, call, or calendar reminder, the gemstone emits a gentle, discrete vibration to let you know.

With a companion iPhone app, you can customise different profiles to filter your alerts for occasions like holidays, work, weekends, or whenever you want some tech-free time away from your phone.

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You can even just have your gemstone alert you when your chosen keywords pop up in correspondence – handy if you’re waiting for news on a job interview, or are only interested in hearing anything to do with Friday night drinks.

The gemstone is ceramic, and can be paired with gold, rose gold, or Sterling silver plating on a pendant or ring. There’s a leather bracelet with platinum plating too.

It’s easily recharged using a USB cable, and the original Altruis range could stay juiced up for around three weeks. Here’s hoping for a similar, if not better, battery life with the updated range.

The Altruis range is available for pre-order right now, with prices starting at around £195.


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