Nora is a quiet, non-invasive snoring solution that stops you snoring before you or your partner has even been disturbed.


Using a ‘bedsider’ device with a wireless microphone, an inflatable insert inside your pillow, and a mini-pump in a travel case under your bed, the Nora snoring solution is able to gently nudge you towards a more restful sleep without the need for masks, dentures, nose strips, and other intrusive and ineffective snoring remedies.

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Nora’s bedsider is in the shape of a large, stylish ornamental pebble, which sits discretely anywhere in your bedroom. It listens out for all unwelcome nocturnal growls, and communicates with the mini-pump under your bed at the first peep of a snore.

The pump, in turn, sends a message to the inflatable pillow insert telling it to spring into action. The insert will then gently inflate, moving your head ever so slightly so that your relaxed throat muscles causing the snoring will be stimulated, helping you breathe freely and, more to the point, quietly, again.

This all happens within a split-second and without a sound, meaning the person next to you in the bed won’t even have time to stir – let alone prod you in the ribs before you’re sleeping peacefully again.

The best thing of all is that Nora is completely non-invasive and doesn’t require you to change any of your bedtime habits. You can sleep in the same position, enjoy complete silence, and sleep on your favourite pillows without disturbance.

Nora appAs with most smart things these days, Nora comes with a companion smartphone app that offers insights into your sleep habits and snoring habits so that come morning, you can see just how many times Nora nudged you into peaceful slumber.

The cheapest earily bird offer left on Nora’s successful Kickstarter campaign is $199 (around £130), with shipping set for May 2016.


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