After a smartwatch with a fun twist? Look no further than Zing, a new smartwatch just launched by Cambridge-based firm MvBii that promises to put a few more tricks up your sleeve than the average smartwatch.

As well as fulfilling its basic smartwatch duties like being an activity tracker and phone notification tool, Zing claims it’s face will change colour with your moods. How, you ask? Using a mood monitor comprised of built-in sensors, of course…

Quite what these sensors pick up is unclear – body temperature, pulse, angry vibes? We don’t know. All we know is, the ability to sense our moods is a bold talent to brag about, and we’re incredibly curious. Will it make it into our Best Smartwatches 2015 feature though? The jury is still very much out..

Zing’s activity tracker is particularly cool, in the form of an ‘activity circle’ which lets you visualise how busy you are, sending stats to the app on your phone so you can log and track your activity levels.


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Other tricks Zing’s bag including being a remote for your music or phone camera, meaning you can change your track or take a group selfie using a cunning flick of the wrist.

There’s also a companion phone app which has Zeng-ER messenger, enabling wearers to form closed and private friendships groups in which they can send animated messages and videos simply by blowing on Zing. You can play games, blow a virtual kiss, or even toss a virtual coin to decide arguments.

Zing can be worn as a watch, or removed from its strap to form a pendant or a handy pebble-sized pocket companion.

All of that magic, and totally affordable at just £64.99.


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