What if you never had to hear the sound of an alarm clock again? No more fumbling blindly for the sleep button, no more wincing at that person’s ringtone on the bus that is the exact ringtone you’ve got set as your alarm tone. Yep, we dream of it too.

Well, according to the people behind the BedJet v2, this dream could soon become a reality.


BedJet v2, which has already completely smashed its Kickstarter target, is an upgrade to its predecessor, BedJet, and claims to banish the need for an alarm clock.


Like the original BedJet, the v2 is essentially a blowing device that fits around the top and bottom of your mattress that you control with an app on your smartphone. It blows air, which lifts up the top sheets slightly, allowing the air to spread to the entire mattress at the temperature you, desire.

Bedjet v2


But the v2 claims to go one step further. Tell the app what time you want to wake up, and the v2 subtly alters your core temperature, which, the campaign claims, will reset your internal clock for a natural awakening.


Furthermore, tell the app your age, sex, and body type, and it’ll create a custom sleep temperate profile to give you a smooth, uninterrupted night’s sleep.

Bedjet v2 app

Sensors take note of any changes in bedroom temperate to adjust the air temperate accordingly, and you can also experiment with creating manual temperature profiles too.


The v2 promises a lot, and although there’s no word yet on whether the v2 will ship to the UK, we’re certainly excited to snuggle down and test it out.