The future of toast is now.

Sick of the evenly-browned bread your current toaster churns out? You’re in luck. The toaster of the future is right here, right now, and it turns your toast into an edible emoji. Get ready for Toasteroid.

Packing microfilament heating tech to custom-toast a grid of tiny squares on your bread, Toasteroid can create pixellated works of edible art with a push of a button. Just fire up the Toasteroid app on your phone, choose a preset design or create your own, and Toasteroid will set to it.

toasteroid-2Needless to say, there’s an endless word of bread art just waiting to be crammed in your mouth at 7.30 in the morning. Pikachu, various emojis and an array of morning messages appear to be amongst the many designs preloaded in the app, but you can be pretty creative with your own toasted doodles.

toasteroidThe Toasteroid app will even pull the weather forecast from your phone and print it on your toast to make sure you always know when to take a brolly. There’s also a function for sending secret messages to your fellow Toasteroid users that they can only see when their toast pops out.

If you really want to play God with your toast, you could always print an artistic impression of Jesus on your guests’ toast and then deny the existence of any kind of smart toaster. Just an idea.

Toasteroid is raking in backers on Kickstarter, and has already crushed its funding goal in time for the campaign ending today. You can pre-order it now for $65 (around £50), with worldwide shipping set for August 2017.