Director and cinematographer Scott Thrift has invented a clock designed to make your day seem longer, and more restful.

It’s a common refrain – modern life is stressful and full of pressure. With anxiety and sleep problems rife among young professionals, many are turning to mindfulness as a means of dealing with daily life. Scott Thrift’s latest project, Today, aims to help with this, by reframing the way you view time itself.

Today is a simple clock, with one hand, and no numbers. It operates on a 24 hour system, with noon at the top, and midnight at the bottom, and is designed to be reminiscent of the changing sky.

While most clocks count off every second, in twelve hour rotations, hurrying you through your day, Today gently guides you, helping you appreciate time, rather than fear it.


Today is a follow up to Thrift’s successful The Present – a similarly designed clock that gently glides through a full year. Similar to Today, The Present has a colour scheme that matches up with the time it represents.

The Present

Thrift claims that using his new clock has helped him regain a sense of calm and renewal, as well as regulating his sleep patterns, and generally improving his outlook.

After the success of The Present, Thrift was inspired to break down time even further, and so far it’s going well – his Kickstarter campaign for Today is fully funded, and you can now pre-order your own, with three different models to choose from, including a bamboo desktop clock, and custom engraving available for some.

The shipping estimate for all designs is December of this year – so if you’re struggling for gift ideas, you can always give someone more time.