MasterCard's Fare Free Mondays promotion is back for a lucky few London Underground travellers.

It was only November last year that MasterCard decided to spring free tube travel upon customers with an Apple Pay-compatible device, but the company has just announced that its Fare Free Mondays promotion is back for another round.

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Beginning next Monday, the promotion will give anyone using their MasterCard with Apple Pay the ability to touch and out on the London Underground and London buses completely free, shirking the maximum £28.10 daily cap for peak-time travel.

There one other qualifying factor is that you have to own an Apple Watch or an iPhone 6 or newer, which gives you the power of NFC to swipe your device over the yellow readers at stations and on the bus. All you have to do is travel as normal, and you’ll be automatically refunded in full for all of your travel on the Transport for London network. Not bad, eh?

Obviously, you’ll also have to make sure your device is full of juice before you board the tube to avoid racking up a bigger bill on a dead battery. The promotion also excludes Thames Clipper river services.

Fare Free Mondays will run for the next three Mondays, which are February 29th, March 7th, and March 14th. It’ll kick in at 4.30am and end at 1am the following morning. Find out more here.