GPS protection so good, the thieves won’t even know its there

Riding a bike is easy, making sure that bike doesn’t get stolen is hard. Troja Bike is the latest smart tech aimed at securing your bike,  thanks to a GPS system that keeps tell you where your bike is.

What makes Troja Bike different from its competitors? The hint is in the name. Troja Bike’s GPS protection hides in your bike itself, meaning thieves won’t even know its there.

Using a mobile app, Troja Bike lets you see where your bike is anytime, anywhere, and alerts you if it has been moved. And, in the unfortunate event that it does, you can track where your bike goes through the app.

Troja Bike

What happens next is up to you.

To activate the GPS system, all you need to do is take a photo of the QR code and pair it with your phone via the app. Take your bicycle’s saddle off, pop it inside the frame and voila – instant security. Troja Bike’s battery lasts for a ‘season’ according to the manufacturers, so you’ll only have to recharge every few months. Just remember to put that reminder in your phone.

Unfortunately if this sounds EXACTLY like the type of thing you need, Troja Bike is still in the Kickstarter phase, with a £73 pledge minimum to receive your own.